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No man can avert the compelling urge to enjoy sex. It is the hunger that cannot be quenched by will power. Every man desired to immerse himself in the pleasure of sex at some point. No matter how busy one is, no matter how normal one tries to look, the interest towards sex in there in every man’s heart. But now, you don’t need to quench your lust anymore. You don’t need to wait till you have a girlfriend, or go back home to your wife in another city or use your hand to calm yourself. Now, you have Nikita Basu and her independent escorts to ride your horse and give you the pleasure you are craving for. Nikita Basu is the best Escort service provider in Kolkata who is ready to relieve you from the shackles of uneasiness that comes due to the lack of sex. So make a call and swim into the pool of pure pleasure of hot body, best figure, deep kisses, tight hugs, and the best sex you have ever had.

High class Kolkata escorts to give you VIP treatment

Among all the independent escorts, we also have some VIP escorts. These girls are models and celebrities. They have a busy lifestyle. Just like you, they, too, don’t get enough time to enjoy their life in a carefree manner and let loose. Being popular doesn’t let them fall for any man so easily.

In such a case, they prefer to stay in touch with us, and meet men through us in private to have a fun time. They want to live in the present. They want to enjoy some quality time with a man before getting back to their busy lives the next morning. They are stunningly beautiful, charismatic, charming, and elegant ladies that are not approachable by just any random man. They are out VIP escorts and you get a VIP treatment if you spend your time with them.

Professional escorts at your doorsteps

Kolkata independent escorts are selected carefully. We are professional escort service providers who have a motto to satisfy all of our clients to the core. Our escorts join our agency willingly and are interested in sex. our call girls are trained in making a man happy in bed. They are well behaved, well mannered, educated girls. They are beauty with brains. Out girls are responsible, sensible, and easy going.

Sex is not the only reason you call the escort to meet. Sometimes, you want to talk to her about something that is weighing on your heart. You want someone to listen to you, to comfort you, to take you in her embrace, and make you feel relaxed. Our girls know all these things and don’t just come to you for sex without any emotions. Instead, they come to you to satisfy you mentally as well as physically.

Our escorts are not just sex companions, but a companion that would listen to you when you want to talk. a companion that would hug you and tell you that everything will be fine. A companion that would have a fun talk with you, play naughty games with you, drink and laugh with you, and then make you feel like you are in the clouds with her sex skills.

Attractive and experienced escort girls that will make you shiver with pleasure

Our escort girls are experienced, young, attractive, and know how to satisfy a man. They carry an aura that attracts every man towards them and make the man drool for them. They carry themselves in a way that feels like a magnet to a man close to them. Just their presence is enough to arouse you to your peak and want to relieve yourself as soon as possible.

Our Kolkata escort service girls put a lot of effort to maintain their lifestyle, figure, and health. They exercise, do yoga, and groom themselves to make them look attractive for you. They put on a light make-up and dress attractively to make you happy. The smile our call girls wear is good enough to make you rid of your worries and stress. Doesn’t matter how your mood is, you will feel refreshed as soon as our escort smiles at you.

Choose the girl of your dreams from the Kolkata escorts

Our Kolkata escort service has girls from varied backgrounds, ethnicities, class, and age group. Whatever you choose is, we know, you will find the girl of your dreams in our collection. Check out a few examples below.

  • Escorts from other countries: We have a few independent escorts from foreign countries. Their milky white skin, slender figure, and attractive features are the talk of our community. We have girls from countries like Russia to help you fulfil your fantasy of drilling into a foreign girl.
  • Young girls: We have college going call girls that range into the age group from 19 to 22 years. These girls are pure souls that have just stepped into the youth. They are raw flowers that are ready to be nurtured by you. You will feel fresh and a new in their company.
  • Busty and seductive escorts: If you like to be with the girl who is a little chubby for you to enjoy her flesh. Then we also have fully matured, big figured busty and seductive escorts with us. their breasts are so big that they are always ready to tear thought the girl’s cloths. These girls exude a seductive aura that makes to pull them close to you and enjoy them to the fullest as soon as you lay your eyes on them.
  • Housewives: Some incredibly beautiful, sex hungry housewives also work with us. they are not satisfied with their sex life and want to have some fun outside. These housewives are wild lady beasts that want to unleash their hunger for sex on you. If you think you can tame them with your wild sex skills, then choose housewives and feel the adventure.
  • Call girls: College going call girls who want to explore meeting strangers and maintain their lifestyle through the money earned are ready to meet you and have some fun. They are the best choice for a girlfriend experience.
  • Models and celebrities: These are the VIP escorts we have. These are the girls you would not even dare to have sex with in your dreams. They are like fairies that landed on the earth. If you want to conquer something that not everyone can, contact us and meet our models.
  • Local beauties: Not just foreigners or models, but we also have local beauties with us. no matter how one admires the fancy dishes, sometimes, local dish is what one craves for. Out beautiful Bengali girls are here to put your taste buds at easy with their beautiful and local aura.
  • Air Hostess: Air hostesses have always been seen as smart, beautiful, attractive, and sensuous professionals. Their eye catchy appearance attracts many gazes every day. To your fortune, we have a few air hostesses willing to spend their night with you and give you all their attention.

So don’t miss on the chance and book an appointment as soon as you can.

Our Escorts

Riya Boss
Liza de
Dani sarkar

Don’t have a girlfriend? Well, we can arrange one for you

In today open minded society everyone wants to have a girlfriend. But not every guy is lucky enough to find a girl he likes. There could be many reasons for that. Maybe the girl you like doesn’t like you back. Maybe the girl you like is not approachable by you. Maybe the girl you like already likes someone else. Or maybe you are afraid about the future possibilities of the girl not turning out to be the way you expected her.

If you are feeling lonely because you don’t have a girlfriend, then you don’t need to wait anymore. We can arrange a girlfriend for you. Our Kolkata escort service have college going young call girls who are interested in catering to you.

The best part to have our call girl with you is,

You don’t need to spend efforts to woo her. She is yours the moment you lay your eyes on her.

You don’t need to buy many gift for her and take her shopping or movies if you are not in a mood. She will love you regardless of all that.

You will never have an argument with her. she will always try her best to please you.

You will always get a positive vibe from her, improving your self-confidence and your outlook towards the world.

This relationship will be without commitments. You can break-up with her whenever you wish without any consequences. She will part ways with you happily.

You don’t need to convince her for sex. she will be ready to fulfil your sexual demand whenever you wish.

You will never need to wait for her. she will always have time for you.

So what are you waiting for. Contact us and get out of your single life.

One-night stand can’t be any better

The perfect way to get an amazing one night stand without any consequences is to meet up with our Kolkata escorts. Our in depended escorts are professionals and care for their work. Our girls are expert in the field of providing extraordinary pleasure. You can be sure about receiving the best treatment in bed with them at your side.

Just book at hotel and contact us. choose the girl you like and she will be at your doorstep in no time. You enjoy your night with her and wish her goodbye in the morning. There will be no strings attached after your one-night stand. It is the best, right? No one can compare to our girls when it comes to one night stands.

The adventurous experience with sex

Kolkata independent escorts are always one step ahead compared to others when it comes to satisfying their clients. Our high profile escorts are known to make men skip their heartbeat. Our college going call girls are the best girlfriends for short term. And out housewives are best known to please the men with their fiery sexual dominance.

Our girls enjoy sex deeply and give their all to it. our girls are full of energy and a drive to enjoy sex with you. You will be delighted to spend your time with them. Our call girls know all the positions in sex and ways to please you.

  • Missionary position: Man lay on the girl and enjoys sex while kissing her lips and sucking her breasts.
  • Doggy style: Girls bends on her hands and knees in a position like a doggy. And the man gets behind her to have sex with her. This position looks like the position in which dogs have sex. it is one of the most favoured sex position as it favourable for deep penetration giving the man and women extreme pleasure.
  • Blowjob: Blowjob is a part of foreplay. In this girl sucks the man’s dick to please him and the man sucks the girl’s clits to please her.
  • Position 69: When the man and the girl want to give blowjob to each other they can take up this position.

There are many more positions to enjoy sex with. Let our independent escort lead the sex and you will be mesmerised by how many tricks she has up her sleeves.

Thus, don’t wait any more. Let go of the shackles of the work stress, lack of time, social stigma and everything else that is making you stop yourself. Let yourself loose and dive into the pleasure of the most beautiful creation of nature.

Escort service wherever you wish and whenever you wish

Our escorts are not only good in bed. They are well versed in many things. Our escorts are beauties with brains and know how to carry themselves and adapt to their surroundings.

  • A companion to overcome loneliness: If you are feeling lonely and wish to spend a good evening at some beautiful location with a female companion who would hold your hand and chat with you, you should contact our college going Kolkata independent escorts. These call girls will accompany you anywhere in the city. Go out on a date with you. Give you a girlfriend experience and fill your heart with warmth.
  • A companion to party: Our independent escorts are elegant and hot beauties. They have amicable fashion sense. Taking them as a companion to a party will only boost your confidence.
  • A companion on a business trip: Our girls can accompany you on a business trip to make you happy in night while you work hard for your business in a day.

How to improve your experience with Kolkata independent escorts?

Here are the following things you can do to improve your experience with the Kolkata escorts. We wish for you to enjoy our girls company to the best of your expectations.

  • Plan ahead: Planning your date ahead in time increases the excitement as you wait for the time you meet the girl. Thinking about what you will do when you meet her. how you will feel to touch her. what kind of a talk you guys will have? All these thoughts will make you excited.
  • Respectful treatment: Thought you pay for the Escort service. the escort meeting you is also a woman. Do not treat her like a toy you rented. Instead, treat her with respect. If you respect her, she will find a place for you in her heart. Then it will not just her body, but her heart and soul will be yours too.
  • Give love and get love: Sex without emotions is not fun. If you only meet any escort for bodily pleasure you might like it for a short while until you are excited. But you will not experience pleasure for a long term. For long term pleasure, you should involve yourself emotionally with your partner. Love her and care for her. in return, she will love you too. That emotional attachment will last for a long time in your heart.
  • A few gift won’t hurt you: Every girl loves gifts. It is said that the way to a woman’s heart is through gifts. Buy something for your girl and you will see her hugging you with love and throwing herself at you to fulfil every demand you have.

Don’t hold back, let yourself run wild

The best place conquer you sex fantasies is with our independent escorts. Our call girls are equally interested in sex just like you are. They are in this profession because they love to have sex. earning money while doing what they enjoy is a perk.

You don’t need to worry about bad service. our escorts don’t come to meet you just for money. They come to meet you because they want the same thing that you want. Our girls, too, have sex fantasies and love to explore sex in different ways. So whatever your sex fantasy is, feel free to share with our girl, and she will be equally excited to try it.

We have different types independent escorts and call girls. All of them have varies interests. So you have a lot of choices to look for. They all are well versed in their skills in sex. you can select anyone you like and be sure that she will rock your world.

You don’t need to hold back yourself. You let loose and enjoy the sex you want. You can be smooth or wild. Our girls will accompany you with same excitement. Contact us and experience yourself.

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Nikita Basu is the best Escort service provider in Kolkata who is ready to relieve you from the shackles of uneasiness that comes due to the lack of sex.

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